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repair mortar

Cement base tile caulking agent is a powder mixture made up of hydraulic cement, mineral aggregate, organic and inorganic additives. It needs to be mixed with water or liquid additives.
Adding ceramic tile filling agent after redispersible emulsion powder has the following characteristics:
Easy construction
Easy to clean up
And the substrate has good wettability
The operation time is long
1. has good adhesion with different substrates
2. reduce shrinkage
Standard Specification for ceramic tile sealant: JC/T 1004-2006, ceramic floor tile caulking agent
JGJ 126-2000 regulations for construction and acceptance of exterior wall facing brick
ISO/DIS 13007-3 tiles, adhesives and sealants - Definitions and specifications for third part caulking agents
ISO/DIS 13007-4 tiles and sealants - fourth part test methods for caulking agents
The performance index of cement based ceramic tile caulking agent